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Kal Henrico

M: 0416 358 837

A natural ability to form genuinely respectful and trusting relationships with everyone he deals with is one of Sales Assistant Kal Henrico’s signature qualities and a valuable attribute to have when selling homes. Highly attentive and an excellent listener, Kal’s drive to understand his client’s requirements and deliver without fail is at the heart of every task he performs.

With an eagerness to learn and develop his skills to their fullest potential, Kal works closely with senior sales agents receiving valuable training and mentoring on every aspect of the job. He continually studies the marketplace in order to build his knowledge and is already proving his worth by taking initiative whenever opportunities arise.

Determined to make his mark on the industry, Kal brings enthusiasm to every new sale he contributes to. A highly ambitious individual, Kal is committed to ongoing professional growth and ultimate long-term success in the real estate industry.

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