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Stephen Giacomelli

E: info@guardianrealty.com.au

Stephen Giacomelli is a joint-owner of Guardian Realty and together with Ben Jobberns operate the Guardian Realty network. Stephen is a consultant and a driving force behind Guardian’s continued success in a competitive property industry.

He is a respected real estate agent among colleagues and carries a huge client base where he combines a wealth of experience acquired over 16 years in property sales with a clear passion for helping to generate a personal success for those whom he meets along the way.

Stephen has experience in all different areas of the property industry ranging from development and corporate acquisition, project marketing, residential sales, commercial sales and leasing. Stephen has facilitated property transactions ranging from $4 million to over $40 million.

Stephen is passionate about the real estate industry and has a great talent for forging strong alliances with both vendors and buyers.

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